Publications of the Ontario Fisheries Research Laboratory

Throughout the 40 year span of the Ontario Fisheries Research Laboratory (OFRL), new and ground-breaking work in fisheries and aquatic science was conducted and published in the Biological Series, University of Toronto Studies, Publications of the Ontario Fisheries Research Laboratory. One of the goals of this web site was to make available this publication series for downloads. Some of the research published in this series was based out of Harkness (then OFRL) while other research stemmed from work at other locations in Ontario. All of it represents some of the earliest publications in a discipline now strongly represented by Canadian scientists. Names such as Harkness, Fry, Ricker, Hoar, Brett, Kennedy, Rawson and others first published in this series. Hopefully, access to this work will bring renewed recognition to the early careers of this group of scientists.

Brooke and Anika making PDF's of OFRL series

Access to this historic collection was made possible by the work of two students, Brooke (sitting right) and Anika (standing right), under the supervision of Ann Zimmerman, Brian Shuter and Harold Harvey. The cooperation of the University of Toronto Press is greatly appreciated.

Please be patient when downloading the publications. If you have any questions about the material please contact Mark Ridgway and Brian Shuter.

OFRL Publications